Travolta T Birds Black Biker Jacket



100% genuine? leather

Front zip closure

Two waistline pockets

Brown lining

Hem cuffs

Coat collar


Black Biker Jacket | United State | Jackets On Fashion

Black Biker Jacket | United State | Jackets On FashionThe character of John Travolta as played by Danny Zuko definitely transformed the meaning of Heroic and manly in the movie industries. Not only that but he was the one to introduce the unique walk that he did in the movie which soon became a trend among young boys. Johnny Travolta was also the one to make his unique dance moves a trend.

Mentioning all these things, it is pretty clear that the character of Danny zuko played by john Travolta was nothing less than iconic. We have recreated the iconic jacket worn by john Travolta in the movie grease as he played the character of Danny Zuko.

T-Birds was the original gang of greasers who were a musical group and Danny Zuko was a part of it. All the members of the T-Birds dressed in the same way and wore this jacket that we have created for the fans. We have created this Travolta T-Birds Black Biker Jacket with genuine and brawny leather which will surely last you years.

If you are looking for a classic biker jacket then it doesn’t get better than this. This Travolta T-Birds jacket is one of the best classic jackets that we own and has all the features of an ideal classic biker jacket. You can get yourself one from our website the sizes range from extra small to extra large.


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